Accent Website Redesign

Accent is a leading workplace strategy and design firm that works with many professionals throughout the northeast. They needed a strong mark that worked independently, and worked well with Herman Miller and DIRTT logos, as they work closely with these furniture companies. 

We noticed during our research that many furniture companies that Accent worked with had circular logos. Because of this we worked with a triangle shape to create an “A” that developed a 3D shape. This “A” was incorporated into a wordmark using the typeface VERLAG. We thought of the logomark as an empty capsule, filling it with patterns and fabrics to create a living, changing mark. Accent focuses on creating living spaces that incorporate personal characteristics into each workspace. The logomark is constant, the the interior can change.

We carried their simple and professional ideals into their web design, web copy, and stationary, soon to be followed through to truck wraps and signage.


My name is Michael and this is some of the work I've made. Check it out.